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Perceval with combined CABG - IM-01022 A

Pre-op echo

CABG: proximal anastomosis

CABG: distal anastomosis


Leaflet excision


Valve preparation

Guiding sutures

Valve deployment

Valve balloning

Closure of aortotomy

Post-op echo

Dr. Ângelo Nobre graduated from the Lisbon Faculty of Medicine in 1983, worked as a Registrar in the Cardiac Unit of the Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital, UK, between 1989 and 1991 and completed his Complementary Internship in Cardiothoracic Surgery, becoming Assistant of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Hospital de Santa Maria, in 1993.
He is currently the chief of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at Hospital de Santa Maria in Lisbon and Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery in the Lisbon Faculty of Medicine. 
He is proficient in minimally invasive right thoracotomy in complex mitral valve repair and hemisternotomy in aortic valve replacement using rapid deployment valves. 
He has built a high volume clinical practice that includes more than 300 open heart cases per year. Highlights include more than 60% of case load involving valve and aortic aneurysms. Complex re-operative root repairs, aortic valve repair, arch reconstructions and hybrid and endovascular repairs of the thoracic aorta. 

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