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Mitral valve repair in RAM: anterior leaflet prolapse - IM-00755 A

Intra-op 2D echo

Mitral valve analysis

Sutures annuluplasty placement

Neochorade papillary muscle attachment

Neochordae anterior leaflet passage

Ring sizing

Mitral annuloplasty

Holder ring removal (first step)

Holder ring removal (second step)

Use of ReChord system for neochordae

Removal ReChord system

Water test

Post-op 2D echo

Dr. Glauber is currently head of the cardiothoracic department at the Sant'Ambrogio Hospital in Milan. He is part of the new technology committee within the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. He has a particular passion for MIS cardiac surgery, valve repair, off pump & mini-bypass aortic root surgery and heart failure. He has written over 200 articles published mainly in the “Index Medicum” journal.

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